6 Compliments that aren’t based on appearance…

tumblr_nkdtuyanot1tkqkclo1_500There’s no denying that the body positive movement has picked up momentum in the last few years –  YAY! For too long, society has pitched beauty and attractiveness as being the number 1 must-haves for success and general acceptance in the mainstream. Leaving the rest of us, who don’t fit into the ideal mould, contemplating what it is that we’ve done wrong. But now that the body positive community is in full force and SLAYING with every opportunity that we get, these preconceived beauty ideals are being broken down.

However, it is one thing to realise that you are, indeed, beautiful. But it is another acknowledging that you have more to offer than just what you look like. We live in an image-obsessed society, and compliments thus far have consisted of comments about weight-loss, make-up being on point and body goals. But this can change. I believe that there are so many more ways to express your appreciation of someone, than just about the way that they look. Although, please do share positive comments about appearance – there’s no shame in that! But here are 6 Compliments That Aren’t Based On Appearance.


When someone is passionate about something, they often spend a lot of time and effort nurturing that talent. It’s important to acknowledge that the time spent practising hasn’t been in vain – if you appreciate someone’s talent, then let them know! It’s guaranteed to be well received. 14317325_10210698482958457_8453654297385458147_n

Feeling like you’re having a positive influence on the life on another is one of the most humbling and grounding experiences. Telling someone that they have empowered you and others makes everything seem worthwhile – if someone has given you a positive boost recently, be sure to let them know.


Hearing someone speak about their passions and seeing the glint in their eyes as they do so is indescribable. Society sometimes shames people for their likes and dislikes but if you  feel affected by someone’s positivity and expression and if you feel that their passion has touched you, tell them. 14292374_10210698483398468_4614398915353848724_n

Our daily demands often mean that we find it difficult to find time for others in our busy schedules. When someone is there for you without question, it can mean a lot and passing on your gratitude for their advice, time and hugs makes them feel that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.


Acknowledging someone’s personal growth can be an honest and heart-felt approach to appreciating their experiences. Everyone goes on a journey throughout their lives, be that positive or negative, so expressing your appreciation for that can give someone a self-esteem boost.


Tell someone that they mean a lot to you. Tell someone that they’ve improved your life immensely. Tell someone that you don’t know what you’d do without them. Tell someone you love them. In a world where we aren’t appreciated enough, you might just change their opinion on how they are existing in their own skin.


3 thoughts on “6 Compliments that aren’t based on appearance…

  1. Ease & Honor says:

    This is amazing, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. I was just speaking to someone today about the importance of finding our worth outside of how we appear to ourselves and others.

    If you get the chance, please check out my blog at easeandhonor.wordpress.com where I’m hoping to share about my struggles/successes with body image, and how I manage this as I pursue a career in physical therapy!


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