5 Ways You Can Take Your Body Positive Activism to the Next Level…

tumblr_static_headerIf like me, you are immersed in body positive culture, you would have noticed the community has blossomed in recent years. As something that started out as a fat activism movement, the community has now garnered an abundance of followers, supporters and activists of all body shapes and sizes. Hallelujah! But, within the BoPo world, there have been a few circumstances whereby body positivity and everything that it stands for has been used as a buzzword to throw around by many who are seeking notoriety within the community.

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While many body positive activists, myself included, exclaim as loudly as our caps lock lets us that, BODY POSITIVITY IS FOR ALL BODIES and that WE CAN WEAR WHAT WE WANT and that WE ARE WORTHY OF LOVING THE SKIN WE’RE IN – our words are still falling on ignorant ears. The fact is, while body positivity has made the mainstream a (slightly) more diverse and bearable place, the body positive crowd seems to have thinned out somewhat in recent months.

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Finding my ‘Plus Society’…


“Eat up, fatty!” – the fries thudded against my side and splattered me in a slimy film of ketchup. Blinking back tears, I assured my friends that I was in fact okay and that my coat was getting old anyway.

In fact, this act of hate – and it was an act of hate – was something that would stay with me for a long time.  For what had provoked this car full of gaggling men to throw their uneaten fries at me from a moving car, jeering as they went?  Why did they feel the need to tarnish my memories? To them, I was rubbish and I was as disposable as their leftovers, all because of the size of my body.

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tumblr_static_tumblr_m8z7snvl4b1r4d9kxo1_500Self-love, unfortunately is not something that can be conjured up overnight – after all we have been listening to society drone on about the ideal body image for most of our lives. So much so, that it will understandably take some time to undo the negative effect that the media and ‘friends’ have on our self-esteem.

There is more to learning to love yourself than just the ‘power of positive thinking’ (although this does help) – so here are my 7 Tips For Self-Love in Action.

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6 Compliments that aren’t based on appearance…

tumblr_nkdtuyanot1tkqkclo1_500There’s no denying that the body positive movement has picked up momentum in the last few years –  YAY! For too long, society has pitched beauty and attractiveness as being the number 1 must-haves for success and general acceptance in the mainstream. Leaving the rest of us, who don’t fit into the ideal mould, contemplating what it is that we’ve done wrong. But now that the body positive community is in full force and SLAYING with every opportunity that we get, these preconceived beauty ideals are being broken down. Continue reading

6 Things fat women shouldn’t be afraid of…

14330116_10210744304343963_1551241993189949_nGrowing up without body positivity on my side was tough and I, like many of my plus-size sisters, felt an undercurrent of fear running though my veins. Fear of judgement clouded much of my youth and I often restricted myself in an attempt to blend seamlessly in society: I wouldn’t allow myself certain experiences, I’d break plans, I’d make up excuses simply because I didn’t want to go outside and be faced with another day of worrying what a stranger might think of me.  Continue reading