A Cocktail for Body Positivity…

cocktails.pngSummer is finally here and there can be no better way to enjoy it than to chuck on some comfortable summer clothes and head out into the sunshine. But for some of us, it’s not that easy. So if you require a little dutch courage this summer, then look no further than my cocktail recipe for body positivity!


  • 35ml Good, old-fashioned faith
  • 10ml Self-belief
  • 10ml Strength
  • 1 twist of fierceness


1) Fill a shaker with promises to yourself – I promise that can do this, I promise that no-one can bring me down, I promise that I will reach all of my goals, I promise to love myself. These are of course optional but you need a good foundation to build your body positive cocktail from.

2) Add 35ml of good, old-fashioned faith, 10ml self-belief and 10ml strength to your promises. You may not be sure that this combination will create a delicious cocktail, but believe me, you’ll be surprised and will keep coming back for more.

Don’t forget to add your twist of fierceness – just for that extra kick.

3) Shake rigorously until combined. This is the fun part – you can’t conjure up a body positive cocktail without shaking things up first. It might get tiring, and you might think that everything is fully combined but it isn’t, you might get bored – but you need to shake it gurl!

4) Strain into a glass. For your body positive cocktail to be complete, you need to strain away all of the remaining negativity. You must NOT skip this – it might be difficult and take some time, but a little bit of patience goes a long way. You’ll thank me, and you won’t have any of those lumpy negative bits getting in the way.

5) Garnish with your choice of fabulous beach wear, a summer enjoying the sun, a smile and lots of positive vibes.

Body Positive Content

5.9 units of Fierceness

6.7 units of Self-Love

5.5 units of Carefree Bopo Goodness

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