An Interview With… Bruce Sturgell, Founder of Chubstr

If you are in any way affiliated with the body positive or male fashion communities, then you will likely have come across Bruce Sturgell, founder of plus-size male fashion line, Chubstr. Not only is Bruce paving the way for a newly body confident generation of plus-size men, but he is breaking through image stereotypes set out by a society that prefers ‘gym-bods’ over realistic bods.

Here, I talk to him about creating Chubstr, why male-body positivity matters, and how plus-size fashion really is revolutionary…

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An Interview With… Shay Neary

Outspoken, fearless and uncompromising, never before has there been a woman like Shay Neary. If you’re in any way affiliated with the body positive community, then Shay is surely on your radar as being one of the most badass trans plus-models out there. Here, I talk to her about “Shay Butta”, her trans sisters and why we shouldn’t take anyone’s shit…

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7 Things You Can Do When Body Positivity Is Hard…

Staying body positive all the time is hard, frankly, it’s impossible. We are so used to seeing and hearing messages of body hate, that we have become accustomed to the feelings of low self-esteem that so many of us are dealing with. Even the most positive of body positive activists have days when they look in the mirror and shudder – but that’s not our fault, sometimes it’s a challenge to stay positive about our bodies. Continue reading

5 Ways You Might Be Using Body Shaming Language (and How to Be More Mindful of It)

When we talk about bodies, the conversations we have rarely revolve around the things that we like about them, more so, the things we’d like to change about them. Many of us strive to include body positive or self-confidence boosting language in much of what we do, but every now and again, we may unintentionally use body shaming language in our discussions that may influence those surrounding us, as well as our own mindsets. Here are 5 Ways You Might Be Using Body Shaming Language (& How to Be More Mindful of It).

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12 Babes Proving That You Don’t Need To Be Thin To Be Beach Body Ready

beachSummer is fast approaching, and that can only mean one thing. The diet tribe. As soon as the sun comes out, the airwaves are thick (like my thighs) with talk of diets, fitness regimes and achieving that ‘perfect Summer Body’. All of this means that society has fallen into the rhythm of believing that plus-size women shouldn’t wear/be seen in/even think about wearing, a bikini in public. But here are 12 plus-size babes showing us otherwise…

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5 Ways You Can Take Your Body Positive Activism to the Next Level…

tumblr_static_headerIf like me, you are immersed in body positive culture, you would have noticed the community has blossomed in recent years. As something that started out as a fat activism movement, the community has now garnered an abundance of followers, supporters and activists of all body shapes and sizes. Hallelujah! But, within the BoPo world, there have been a few circumstances whereby body positivity and everything that it stands for has been used as a buzzword to throw around by many who are seeking notoriety within the community.

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