Body Lovin’ Creativity…

Joanna Thangiah

Based in Australia, Joanna creates artwork focusing on feminism, mental health and “fragments of her inner monologue”. Her art is often a powerful commentary on social and cultural issues, so expect to see a whole lot of body lovin’ goodness and feminist warrior activism – with a sprinkle of sass thrown in for good measure.


Jacqueline, a self-confessed doodler of cute things, never fails to delight with her nuggets of positivity. If you’re having a tough time, or just need a shot of something sweet and adorable, or even if you like cute animals saying inspiring things, then I suggest that you look no further than this talented woman, you won’t be disappointed!

Amanda Joy Pottery

Joy by name, and Joy by nature. In an image-obsessed world, Amanda’s ceramic mugs, jewellery and other nick-nacks feature voluptuous and chubby caricatures of women. Her Etsy store encourages us to be less judgemental about our bodies and to loosen up about the ways that we view ourselves – so join in and have two lumps of positivity in your morning coffee.

Bunny Blush Art

Seen as the poster girl for body positive art with her Pizza Goddess image, Bonnie Brown never fails to delight with her chubby mermaids, colourful declarations of bopo love, plus-size romance and all round celebration of lumps, bumps and wobbly bits. If you want to feel inspired and loved, you’ll find it in these illustrations.

Shae DeTar

Shae DeTar is an NYC based photographer and artist. Her most recent collection of emotive photographs aim to present women whose body shape falls outside of ‘social acceptance’. Not only does she celebrate women together, but she combines these images with beautiful scenery to connect the body with nature. Frankly, her photographs are awe-inspiring.


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