#FeelGoodFebruary Day 27: Forgive

Welcome to Day 27 of #FeelGoodFebruary! 


Okay, so this isn’t going to come in one day and as we’re nearly at the end of Feel Good February, this is a challenge that can become ongoing if you choose to do so. Learning to forgive yourself or someone else is an incredible difficult thing to do, and often forgiveness isn’t a choice to make, but it comes apropos of nothing. This challenge is not to forgive, but to be open to the idea of forgiveness. Harbouring resentment is a toxic behaviour, and if you become more open to the idea of forgiving someone, you may find that those feelings of resentment lessen.

Top tip – Think about the things that you might need to offer forgiveness for, but don’t hold onto that thought for too long.


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