Why It’s Okay To Be Passively Body Positive…

Anyone who’s anyone is exclaiming body positivity from the rooftops and our message, slowly but surely, is getting heard. But to be body positive doesn’t mean that you have to be an activist, it’s okay to be passively body positive and you shouldn’t feel pressured to join the masses who are active in their pursuit of better body image within society.


The message at the core of body positivity is that you respect and find acceptance with the skin that you exist in. The message at the core of being a body positive advocate is that you strive to get your voice and your message heard, thus (hopefully) creating a shift in body image ideals within society. If you are passively body positive, you are quietly, internally and intimately positive about your body – and don’t follow the activist route. BUT! That doesn’t mean that you’re any less of an advocate for better body image; we exist in a culture that creates body image shit-storms on a daily basis, and for you to cultivate a positive sense of self for yourself and about yourself, then I’d say that you’re creating a mini-revolution, right inside the skin you exist in.


What empowers some, doesn’t empower others. There are women and men out there who find that stripping down and laying themselves bare empowers them; some find empowerment in dressing to impress; some, in marching with a group of fellow activists; some in blogging; some in vlogging; some in social media – frankly, the list of ways that people express their body positivity, is endless. YOU get to choose how to live inside your body and YOU decide the conversations that you have (or don’t have) about it. This is nothing to be ashamed of, body positivity is subjective and you are perfectly entitled to enjoy your relationship with your body publicly, or in your own mind.


When expressing controversial opinions about body image, you expect to garner a bit of negative attention – it comes with the territory, let’s face it. If you’re not prepared to accept the negativity that may come your way and if you are in danger of internalising it (especially if you are vulnerable or impressionable) then you are well within your rights to step away from body positive activism and enjoy passively expressing self-love. The world is a tough place, and when individuals have the anonymity of hiding behind a computer screen, it can be even tougher – be prepared.


Listen up! There is no wrong way to be body positive. Only you get to decide:

  • How you live in your body.
  • How you speak about your body.
  • How you connect with your body.
  • How you feel about your body.
  • How you choose to express yourself.
  • How you choose to use your voice.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way that you experience body positivity – so just do you, boo.

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