15 Body Positive Tattoos You Didn’t Know That You Needed…

13925005_10210394986411233_4385947743623569205_n.jpgLoving the skin that you’re in is an incredibly subjective thing, it is personal to us and only we can decide how we show ourselves self-love. Tattoos are pretty similar. The ink that we decide to mark our skin with often means something personal to us; tattoos document a journey, a memory, a reminder, a goal, or for some – it’s just a super gorgeous design and we needed it on our body. To quench your thirst, here are 15 body positive tattoos that you didn’t know that you needed.

1) This goddess who is categorically NOT ashamed of her body


2) This little cutie, recognising her worth exactly as she is


3) These words that absolutely need to be exclaimed from a rooftop


4) This babe, putting herself at the centre of her heart13902703_10210394285473710_7257151327185375060_n

5) This vibrant mermaid who is undoubtedly making waves


– Artist Unknown

6) This reminder to LOVE your own damn self


7) This stunning pregnant lady who won’t listen to any of your negativity


8) This merman who proves that body positivity is for men too


– Artist Unknown

9) The first rule of self-love club? TALK about it!


10) This slice of gooey, delicious goodness


11) This weight-lifting babe challenging stereotypes 


12) These beauties, just daring you to challenge 


13) How could this list be complete without Hilda?


– Artist Unknown

14) This, proving that wonderful things can be done with thunder thighs and lightning 


15) And this, which we should all make our daily mantra


– Artist Unknown


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