The end of summer is nigh and the nights are drawing in – you know what that means for the fashion world, don’t you? We women turn to oversize jumpers, jogging bottoms, dressing gowns, no bras and big slippers for comfort – but what about fat women? We are told to avoid baggy, badly fitting clothes at all costs with many people living under the illusion that if fat women have to exist in a public space, then they need to be presentable. But who gets to decide what’s presentable and what isn’t? Fat women are fully entitled to wear baggy, layered, misshapen clothes without fearing backlash. We don’t have to prescribe to the preconception that for a fat woman to be recognised, she has to be ‘well put together’ and fit in with society’s rules and regulations. So, here are some glorious ladies snuggling down for September and ensuring that they are curvy and comfortable.  












Thank you so much to the ladies who took part in this, it means so much to me. Please find their Instagram accounts listed below – I urge you to follow them, they are all absolutely incredible! If you want to be in next weeks edition of FATshion Faux Pas, then please find me at @franhayden on Instagram and use my hashtag #FATshionfauxpas to be featured!


@cupcakethighs @aplussizegirlwholovesfashion

@katekatewilde @plussize_me @hearyoumejessie @spookyfatbabe

@amandaapparel @mslindsaym

@smiles_and_strength @shayracha

@zaftig_grrrl @bbw_sammy @marooned_mermaid @beautyandbones


@thislilbluebird @chubbybabe_

@jaydabeau @jennsgotcurves

@georginadreamer @hooty_gwdihw


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