My Favourite Bloggers on a Pedestal…

If you know me at all by now (which I hope some of you do) you’ll have gathered that I’m a fan of loving yourself in all of your magnificent, astounding glory – no questions asked. Not only that, but it is also incredibly important to put others up on a pedestal and bow down to them when you recognise great things. So, this post is in order to do just that! There are so many bloggers in this digital-minded age, that it can be hard to come across a real gem among the masses – but when you do, they need to be applauded and acknowledged for the astonishingly talented scribes that they are! Here are my Top 4 Bloggers, that I just cannot get enough of…

Teresa Renee

Okay, bear with me because this explosive cocktail of a woman is undoubtedly hard to put into words. Think Carrie Bradshaw meets 1950s pin-up meets comedic genius meets social butterfly meets snappy dresser meets a Carry On movie character. Confused? I hope so. There is no single word to describe the shenanigans of this lady, nor the pickles that she finds herself in, and I find that I’m constantly in turmoil – do I want to offer this woman a shoulder to cry on? Or do I want to share a bottle of wine with her and discuss her romantic misdemeanors? The latter option, I believe, would be much more favourable. Her articulation of the English language is spot-on, and with the occasional (ha!) splattering of swear words throughout, she shows us that she is no more and no less than a down to earth, slightly unlucky in love, relatable, comedic bombshell.

You can find her blog here.

Instagram: @resastarxo

Jordan Louise Von Schweet

IMG_1482Do you ever get that feeling? You know the one, where you have to have something sweet, and you have to have it now? But there’s just one problem… you don’t know what you want?! Before you know it, you inevitably find yourself emerging from the store with a whole variety of treats tucked under your arm – well this magificent woman provides the blogging equivalent of that very feeling. Like baking a cake, a blog requires many elements. Proving that she is not a one-trick pony but a multi-talented wordsmith, Jordan utilises the very best of ingredients to craft a truly intriguing blog. Don’t be surprised to find feminism, body positivity, vegetarianism, books, piercings and tattoos, oh, and cats, punctuated throughout. I challenge you to find a more varied and well constructed blog – she gives you the chance to discover glorious veggie recipes, provokes your thoughts with feminist arguments, all whilst making you fall in love with her favourite books. Like the very best of pick’n’mixes, you’ll find that you can’t stop until you’ve devoured the whole lot…

You can find her blog here.

Instagram: @jordanvonschweet

Kate London-James

IMG_1481Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you’ll have noticed a sudden influx of body positive advocates and plus size fashion bloggers. I’d love nothing more than to scream from the rooftops that fat, curvy, plus-size babes are just as worthy in the fashion world as the next person, but I’d take umbrage at being arrested for breaching the peace. So thankfully, there are people out there such as Kate who have put their mark on the plus-size fashion world in the best way possible. If you have a craving for cute outfits, teamed with a suitable amount of sass, then you need to make her your go-to for all of your fashion needs. Kate’s fashion choices all add up to groundbreaking, breathtaking outfits that plus-size women often have a hankering for. Kate represents those of us who are outside of the fashion industry’s beauty ideals, and she does it all whilst looking like a goddess.

You can find her blog here.

Instagram: @katelondonjames

Miss Ginger Tulips

IMG_1485The things I’d do to own this lady’s wardrobe would probably be considered illegal in several countries. I’m joking, obviously, but the thirst that I feel for 1950s aesthetic is suitably quenched by taking a virtual tour through the dresses, coats, shoes, jewellery and skirts that this bombshell owns. You only have to read one of her reviews to feel the admiration and dedication that this lovely lady has to her vintage look – her statement red lipstick is aplenty, and with a more than slight resemblance to Joan Holloway you’d be hard pushed not to fall a little bit in love with this Dutch darling. 1950s and pin-up fashion feature highly on her blog but she can also fulfill your domestic goddess needs with 1950s recipes, female empowerment and reflections on loving your body. This beautiful woman is like a nice, warming cup of coffee but with a hit of brandy to spice things up a bit, and I think that you’ll soon be addicted to the written caffeine that she radiates.

You can find her blog here.

Instagram: @missgingertulips

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