Women who have a thigh gap are encouraged to wear shorts, anyone else outside of this demographic are told to avoid them at all costs! We are plagued with ideas of fat shame when coming across women in shorts: no-one wants to see thunder thighs, nobody wants to be witness to some cellulite, well, more fool me if I wanted to wear shorts because it’s too damn hot for anything else… and, let’s face it ladies, some outfits just look better when teamed with short shorts. I think it’s time that we make a stand for shorts – I, and so many other women, are fed up of being dictated to about our legs. So what if we’ve got big thighs and a sizeable bum, who gives a damn if our cellulite offends you! I’m not going to hide my legs away any longer, our pins deserve some love… and here are some wonderful ladies who prove that fat, curvy, gorgeous women can rock their shorts.IMG_1862bIMG_1861adec

Thank you so much to the ladies who took part in this, it means so much to me. Please find their Instagram accounts listed below – I urge you to follow them, they are all absolutely incredible! If you want to be in next weeks edition of FATshion Faux Pas, then please find me at @franhayden on Instagram and use my hashtag #FATshionfauxpas to be featured!


@shayracha @flamesandsparkles


@nita_von_t @tashaaha @katekatewilde

@fatshionbythepounds @cute_curvy

@reddgurl87 @curvygirlthin @plussize_me

@end_body_shame @jewelzjourney

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