PhototasticCollage-2015-07-17-20-36-11BIKINI BABES

It’s hot, you’re at the beach and you fancy a dip in the sea. So what, pray tell, do we wear when we are told that bikinis are reserved for those who have flat stomachs? Well ladies, we wear whatever the hell we want to! For so many years we are told that fat women should cover up at the beach, that we should don a t-shirt and shorts so that other people aren’t subjected to our cellulite, or thighs that touch, or wobbly tummies. But I don’t want to do this anymore, I want to feel the water against my skin and the sand between my tummy rolls. In a society where beach body ready campaigns are prevalent we need to do everything in our power to subvert the idea that only slim women can wear bikinis. So come on ladies, show me a beach body YOUR way.









Thank you so much to the ladies who took part in this, it means so much to me. Please find their Instagram accounts listed below – I urge you to follow them, they are all absolutely incredible! If you want to be in next weeks edition of FATshion Faux Pas, then please find me at @franhayden on Instagram and use my hashtag #FATshionfauxpas to be featured!

@mindsetforlifeltd @griminator @nita_von_t @bodyposipanda

@ittybittyrandii @peach_e_paige @amandaapparel

@cute_curvy @scrumptious22 @chubbybabe_ @lady_mcfat

@cupcakethighs @johnsonalanna

@buckleyourboots @jamie.the.human @curlyredhairednewfie

@katekatewilde @tellypie_deluxe

@end_body_shame @thickerthanathrifter @curvykirsti @smiles_and_strength

@marooned_mermaid @brokenlevee @haleymay1997

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