Braving it About Boobs…


I want to talk about boobs. Yes you heard: boobs, tatty-bo-jangles, knockers, breasts, jubblies… whatever you want to call your melons, I want to talk about them. 
Breasts are rarely spoken about in the public sphere without some kind of sexual slur being placed upon them, you only have to glance at the magazine racks to see a rack – (no pun intended). And you only have to spend 30 seconds in the company of SOME people before tits are being ogled, spoken about and over-sexualised – after all, many people forget that their fundamental purpose is to feed a baby. 

It is a rare experience to have a real, open, honest chat about boobies – how many of us can say that we’ve spoken about that weird lump on our nipple or the fact that one boob is bigger than the other to a friend? Barely any of you, I bet. It is only when campaigns such as Free The Nipple, Coppafeel and Curvy Kate’s #boobsoverbellybuttons hashtag bring breast health to the forefront of our news feeds that people begin to take notice and jump on the boob-wagon.  Due to the culture that we live in, it is known that fun bags are there to be enjoyed – by both yourself and whomever you decide to share them with, but that doesn’t mean that you have to negate the care and attention that you give them. Boobs are another part of our bodies that deserve love: If you have a question, ask someone, take care of your breasts as you would a suspicious looking mole or strange rash – be cautious, but be caring. 

Similarly, as well as taking care of the physical side of breast health, why not work on the mental relationship that you have with your baps? So many women feel that they need to cover up their cleavage through fear of being harassed, you don’t need to do this. Fat women with big bazookas often face negativity, as society has taught us that this kind of breast shouldn’t be valued, because they belong to a fat woman, this isn’t so. Slim women with flatter chests feel invalid as a woman because society only deems big breasts acceptable, this isn’t right either. There are so many different titty types, and women should never be made to feel that their breasts aren’t worthy of loving.  Negative boob talk and jealousy over others chests, whether ample, small or in-between needs to end. Your boobs might be big, small, medium, uneven, misshapen, dark, light, your nipples might be permanently erect or might be inverted, you might have big discs, or little droplets: be happy with what you’ve got, love your tatas in your own time, in your kinda way. 

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