Leggings are comfortable. They’re stretchy, they expand, they move with your body and you can do almost anything in them – including lunges – without fear of them breaking, in fact the only thing more comfortable than leggings are pyjamas. So why, pray tell, is it frowned upon when curvy women decide to don a pair in public? We don’t always want to hide our thick thighs in jeans or underneath a skirt, and let’s face it, some tops look better when teamed with leggings than anything else. We get our fair amount of stick for wearing leggings and there are countless memes out there likening our legging-clad legs and bums to a whole plethora of undesirable things. But why should that stop us? It shouldn’t, precisely. So pull on those leggings and let the waistband rest under your boobs, leggings are for all body types and no-one can tell you that you don’t look sensational.


buckleyourboots perkiez

shilayna jewelzjourney

katekatewilde curlyredhairednewfie

tellypie peach_e_paige mistresscutepoisomrsmeggerz cute_curvy

LusciousLeggings @sarahjaneurbane spookyfatbabe bodypositiveeverydamnday

kqizel        IMG_0369


Thank you so much to the ladies who took part in this, it means so much to me. Please find their Instagram accounts listed below – I urge you to follow them, they are all absolutely incredible! If you want to be in next weeks edition of FATshion Faux Pas, then please find me at @franhayden on Instagram and use my hashtag #FATshionfauxpas to be featured!


@buckleyourboots @perkiez

@shilayna @jewelzjourney

@katekatewilde @curlyredhairednewfie

@tellypie_deluxe @peach_e_paige @mistresscutepoison

@mrsmeggerz @cute_curvy @sarahjaneurbane

@spookyfatbabe @bodypositiveeverydamnday

@qimzel @discotech_juliet


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