Losing weight and alienating people…

After finally getting around to watching Channel 4’s Plus Size Wars, I was shocked to discover that one of my favourite plus size models and blogger, Georgina Horne, had come under fire from the plus-size community for losing weight. As with any body positive activist, the decision to publicise our lives on social media is an arbitrary one, so for ‘one of our own’ to receive such negativity in a community that is supposed to support all bodies somewhat surprised me. Going by the name ‘Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’ on various social networking sites, Horne garnered a fair bit of attention due to her ample chest, waspish waist and beautiful face – many body positive activists, myself included, have looked to her Instagram, Twitter or blog for a positive message and fashion advice for the curvier woman with, I have to say, great success. So the speedy turnaround that many plus-size women have undergone since Horne decided to make her weight loss journey a public affair is alarming – many have called her out for abandoning the plus-size sisterhood in order to conform to societies body ‘ideal’, others have shamed her for not sticking to her curvy guns and caving in to the pressure of the modelling world… Well, as a fan of Georgina (and her rats) I say – good for her! Overcoming your own body demons is one thing, but successfully advocating body positivity to others is a completely different kettle of fish. When you have a following the size of Horne’s it is unlikely that you’re going to please everyone, granted – but body positivity is subjective, surely it is up to the individual if they want to lose weight, put weight on or stay as they are? If you frequent my blog, Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know that I advocate body positivity – that is, ALL bodies are good bodies. If some plus size women are filing a negative report about another woman’s choices about her own body, I’d say that they are the ones abandoning the plus-size sisterhood as they are endorsing body shaming. In recent news there has been uproar (rightly so) about the release of a Protein World campaign which highlights a ‘beach body’ ideal and, (rightly so) the body positive world has exploded… I wholeheartedly agree that to have a beach body you need to have a body, and go to the beach. No matter what your shape or size is. End of. But surely the same courtesy could be extended to Horne, and other curvier women, who have been shamed for losing some weight? To be a body positive activist surely you just need to have a body, and be positive about it? 

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