#FeelGoodFebruary Day 24: Play

Welcome to Day 24 of #FeelGoodFebruary!  PLAY We take ourselves too seriously, don’t we… today shuns all of that and allows you time to play! Whatever you feel is fun, whatever brings you enjoyment, then today’s the day to go at it full force! Top Tip – Why not invite some friends along for a … Continue reading #FeelGoodFebruary Day 24: Play

#FeelGoodFebruary Day 23: Communicate

Welcome to Day 23 of #FeelGoodFebruary!  COMMUNICATE One of the best things that you can do to feel better, is communicate. So many of us go through our lives in silence battling unseen emotions and struggling with shitty experiences. Today, make it your goal to communicate with those that you love and start a positive … Continue reading #FeelGoodFebruary Day 23: Communicate