CURVY COMFORT The end of summer is nigh and the nights are drawing in - you know what that means for the fashion world, don't you? We women turn to oversize jumpers, jogging bottoms, dressing gowns, no bras and big slippers for comfort - but what about fat women? We are told to avoid baggy, … Continue reading

FAT AND FOXY For week seven I thought I'd take us to seventh heaven (you lucky people!) Fat women are told every day that we are not sexy and that sexiness is reserved for those who fit into societies ideal when wearing a slinky nightie or goddess approved day-wear. Where society is concerned, fatness is … Continue reading

BIKINI BABES It’s hot, you’re at the beach and you fancy a dip in the sea. So what, pray tell, do we wear when we are told that bikinis are reserved for those who have flat stomachs? Well ladies, we wear whatever the hell we want to! For so many years we are told that … Continue reading

POSITIVELY PATTERNED Don’t draw attention to yourself, that’s what we’re told as fat women, right? We’re supposed to meekly accept our position in the side-lines ensconced in black because ‘it’s slimming’ and bow our heads to the floor. Proclaiming, no! Don’t look at me; I’ll make myself invisible to you. Why do we do this? … Continue reading

LUSCIOUS LEGGINGS Leggings are comfortable. They’re stretchy, they expand, they move with your body and you can do almost anything in them – including lunges – without fear of them breaking, in fact the only thing more comfortable than leggings are pyjamas. So why, pray tell, is it frowned upon when curvy women decide to … Continue reading

SUNS OUT GUNS OUT Who’d have thought that arms would cause so much controversy? Fat girls have long toyed with the idea of donning a strappy top, or even a strapless top when the sun arrives - but inevitably, we always seem to end up reaching for our old faithful cardigan. But where does this … Continue reading