Who’d have thought that arms would cause so much controversy? Fat girls have long toyed with the idea of donning a strappy top, or even a strapless top when the sun arrives – but inevitably, we always seem to end up reaching for our old faithful cardigan. But where does this stem from? It’s highly unlikely that we’re going to knock someone out with a rogue bingo wing, and I’m sure we’d rather not be swathed in layers of clothing on a roasting hot day, so why don’t we just embrace our arms? Repeatedly we’ve been told that fat girl arms aren’t acceptable, no-one wants to see that wobbly mess, no-one wants to see stretch marks on shoulders or triceps with less shape than a beanbag – but why should we listen to this negativity? We shouldn’t. End of. Your arms are a part of you; whether they’re lumpy, bumpy, wobbly and jiggly or toned as hell, they’re yours. If you want to wear a vest, or a top with short sleeves or no sleeves then that’s up to you and I’ll be damned if anyone’s going to tell me any different, and no-one’s going to tell me that I’m not rocking it. ARMS ARE NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF!

As if I needed to prove my point any further, here are some of my sensational body positive babes who look ravishing as they show off their arms…

PhototasticCollage-2015-07-17-20-13-31 PhototasticCollage-2015-07-17-20-14-38 PhototasticCollage-2015-07-17-20-17-08 PhototasticCollage-2015-07-17-21-00-29

Thank you so much to the ladies who took part in this, it means so much to me. Please find their Instagram accounts listed below – I urge you to follow them, they are all absolutely incredible! If you want to be in next weeks edition of FATshion Faux Pas, then please find me at @franhayden on Instagram and use my hashtag #FATshionfauxpas to be featured! 

@tellypie_deluxe @chubbybabe_ @beautyandbones

@thatdarlinmarie @mistresscutepoison @cute_curvy @foryounot_them

@amandaapparel @marooned_mermaid @peach_e_paige

@bodypositiveeverydamnday @cupcakethighs

@katekatewilde @shilayna @buckleyourboots

@nita_von_t @curlyredhairednewfie

@sarahjaneurbane @qimzel

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