#FeelGoodFebruary Day 17: Socialise

Welcome to Day 17 of #FeelGoodFebruary!  SOCIALISE I, as much as the next person, enjoy a cosy night in, and one of the main things I find difficult is getting out and about and making myself socialise. So if you don’t like it either – I’m right there with you. Today is the day that … Continue reading #FeelGoodFebruary Day 17: Socialise

#FeelGoodFebruary Day 16: Practice

Welcome to Day 16 of #FeelGoodFebruary!  PRACTICE I hope that you’re ready for today, because today is the day for practice. There are things that we put off time and time again – that yoga video you’ve been meaning to do, that mixology class that you’ve been meaning to book, that dance lesson that you … Continue reading #FeelGoodFebruary Day 16: Practice