#FeelGoodFebruary Day 15: Inspire

Welcome to Day 15 of #FeelGoodFebruary!  INSPIRE Every now and again we might find ourselves stuck in a rut and lacking in inspiration. Today, your challenge is to acknowledge the things that you have done to inspire someone else. Let yourself feel proud of something that you have accomplished whereby you have inspired someone, or … Continue reading #FeelGoodFebruary Day 15: Inspire

#FeelGoodFebruary Day 14: Evaluate

Welcome to Day 14 of #FeelGoodFebruary!  EVALUATE CONGRATULATIONS! You are two weeks into your #FeelGoodFebruary challenge! Today, make a list of the days you have completed so far and write down something that you have learnt or discovered about yourself each day! Top tip – I’d love to read these to see how far you’ve … Continue reading #FeelGoodFebruary Day 14: Evaluate