12 Babes Proving That You Don’t Need To Be Thin To Be Beach Body Ready

beachSummer is fast approaching, and that can only mean one thing. The diet tribe. As soon as the sun comes out, the airwaves are thick (like my thighs) with talk of diets, fitness regimes and achieving that ‘perfect Summer Body’. All of this means that society has fallen into the rhythm of believing that plus-size women shouldn’t wear/be seen in/even think about wearing, a bikini in public. But here are 12 plus-size babes showing us otherwise…

1) This beauty, living her best Chub Life

2) This babe, giving us bikini realness

3) Double means trouble with this flower Queen

4) This beautiful soul smashing beauty ideals

5) This plus-sized mer-babe


6) That look, those words! ❤


7) This vibrant lady SLAYING her beach look


8) This nautical pin-up born for the beach 

9) This QUEEN who will never leave her bikini at home


10) This absolute B Image result for bullet point A Image result for bullet point B Image result for bullet point  E

11) This BABE representing for fat babes everywhere

12) And finally, this beauty, whose smile says it all



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