7 Small Changes to Make This Week…


Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a rut through no fault of our own. We have to somehow effectively balance work, home, family, a social life, relationships and our own needs in order to get through each day. But sometimes, this demand of the daily grind can get on top of us and we find that we’re stuck in the same routine day in, day out. Now, this can’t be healthy for us, and we need to take care of our mental health to ensure that we remain happy and content. By introducing a small change into our day, we can boost our mood and feel more fulfilled come bed time…
14034812_10210395256177977_7361603847999389773_nI know, I know – the last thing you want to be doing is setting your alarm even earlier (especially on a Monday). But if you avoid the snooze button, you will feel more awake and ready to tackle your week. Plus, you might have time to sneak in a coffee before you leave the house rather than haphazardly balancing a polystyrene coffee cup on your knee as you make your way to work – thus, your outfit will be free from any splashes. You’re welcome. 13912552_10210395256217978_6756722353598377259_nWe are a generation that has become accustomed to having the whole world at our fingertips. And by the whole world, I mean the positive, the negative and anything in between that. This assault on the senses is something that we have become used to over time, but occasionally we need to put down our phones and let our social media rest for a while. Try a social media detox – you won’t regret it.13895413_10210395256377982_4800262739809700312_nBy this point, the mid-week slump has usually set in. You’re fully integrated into your working week, but the weekend seems a million miles away – so why don’t you make some time for yourself? Whatever self-love means to you, today is the day to do something special for yourself. Have a bath, go out for dinner, go to a class, spend time with your friends or enjoy a glass of wine and Netflix – just make sure it’s what YOU want to do. 14040071_10210395256337981_961677712284935674_nWe are often eager to make plans, but when it comes to the crunch we tend to blow off our arrangements for a night in with the TV instead. So this time, when you make plans with someone, why don’t you actually see them through? You never know, you might enjoy it and kick yourself for not committing to them sooner.13934822_10210395256817993_6425445619175615202_nYay! You’ve made it, the weekend is just around the corner and you’ve successfully got through another week of work. Today is the day to treat yourself – whatever it is that you’ve been craving all week, whatever it is that you’ve been wanting to do all week – now is the time to do it!14022311_10210395256857994_5879873042036469667_nIt is important that we take care of our life admin when we get the chance. So be sure to set aside a day to do all of the things that you’ve been putting off before they start to get on top of you. Disorganisation is something that contributes to a hazy mind, so you’re bound to feel productive and so very accomplished afterwards. 13886426_10210395256977997_4288310183994084787_nSunday calls for a good meal. Tonight, the microwave is not your friend – instead, you need to cook up a storm in the kitchen. Be creative, be individual, create something to be proud of, tantalise your tastebuds. And if there’s any left over – save it for work on Monday. You’ve got this!

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