My Top 5 Inspirational & Curvy Yogis

My yoga practice has been a glorious, challenging, enlightening, sweaty, fun, beautiful journey. But I don’t think that I could’ve done it without the support of the yoga community. Whether these ladies know it or not – they have all aided me in some way, whether it be a word or wisdom, an inspiring photo or an honest account of their yoga fails – they have all helped shape my practice in one way or another. So, seeing as they’ve given so much to me… I thought I’d give something back to them. Namaste 💜 

@nolatrees  Finding this colourful, inspiring woman on Instagram has been a gift. When beginning my relationship with yoga, I was like a baby deer – wobbly legged and unsure of myself, but finding the astounding nolatrees and seeing the challenges she overcomes daily with the aid of yoga made me find my inner strength. It is this inner strength that gave me the foundations to find the outer strength for my practice – if you are merely contemplating embarking on a yogic journey, or if you’re the most intense of yogis, then I urge you to follow this incredible woman. In spite of having over 19k followers, she finds the time to aid anyone who is struggling in their practice… her words both heal, encourage and support. Her page is filled with positivity, light, wisdom and honesty – it is a joy to be on this road of discovery with her.


 Fun. This lady’s yoga journey all seems to be about fun. Her Instagram showcases so many smiling, happy images and she reminds us of what is truly at the core of yoga – joyfulness. When I find that I’m frustrated because I can’t hold my weight up, or I can’t hold a pose for as long as I like, biggalyoga reminds me that yoga doesn’t have to be serious – that I can smile, breathe and find my inner joy and peacefulness again. Seeing how she defies gravity with her strength is awe-inspiring and I absolutely encourage you to take a look at her page; you’d be hard pushed not to feel happy and encouraged on your yoga journey.


 This incredible lady shows how you can balance family life with a strong, independent yoga practice. Her Instagram is, quite frankly, inspiring – she shows how you can succeed in your work, bring up a family and still find time to discover that inner and outer strength. Once again, her gravity defying poses should be enough to show you that you can do anything. She is influential, honest and powerful showing that there are no excuses for not practicing yoga, hats off to this glorious lady and the challenges she overcomes.


 A self-confessed yoga enthusiast and fat femme, Jessamyn couldn’t get it more perfect if she tried. Since finding her Instagram I’ve been empowered and thrilled by her images and videos, finding that I can push my body harder than I ever thought possible. This woman is strong, period. Watching her twist her body into gorgeous shapes dumbfounds me, she encourages me to push myself and I am frequently astonished to find that I can succeed where I didn’t think I could. Please, if you’re a yoga fan, go and follow this woman – you won’t look back.


 Beauty. This lady finds the beauty within yoga. All yogis struggle, we all feel sore and become frustrated when we can’t quite complete a pose, but quietforge’s photos highlight the serenity that can be found in your yoga practice. The soft colours of her photos showcase further that you don’t have to yank yourself into poses, the smile on her face and symmetry in the pictures offer a peaceful nature to the world of yoga. If you’re looking to relax, then this lady is one to keep your eye on…

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