My Top 5 Queens of the Curve

If you happen to spot me on any social media sites, then you’ll know that I’m actively advocating body positivity. But I haven’t always been like this – as with a large number of plus-sized women, I used to hate my body and longed for a dramatic weight loss to occur overnight… not any more. Through using social media, I have discovered a community of plus size, voluptuous, curvy, body positive babes who through their own stories have encouraged me to find happiness and love with my own body. I urge you to follow, tweet, like and share the experiences of these luscious ladies…

Tess Holliday

Instagram: @tessholliday

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed that the fashion world has had a bit of a shake-up lately – the shape of this shake up takes the form of the undeniable fabulous Tess Holliday. If you frequent her Instagram, Twitter or blog, you’ll soon see why MiLK Model Management signed her to their books in recent times – Tess is gorgeous, voluptuous and incredibly body positive. She doesn’t think twice about baring her skin in a fatkini or sensual lingerie… and after following her #Effyourbeautystandards tag… neither will you!

Callie Thorpe

Instagram: @calliethorpe

It is hard to scroll past Callie’s face without pausing. As her beautiful smile beams from the photos, it’s hard to believe that her blog started as a negative place for her to talk about her size and experiences with dieting – but now? Now it is important to her to ‘share with other girls the freedom in finding contentment with your body’ – and I for one can say that it’s worked for me. Callie’s astounding Instagram pictures show a story of self-love and a loving relationship with her new fiancé. This woman is truly wonderful, she not only advocates body positivity, but shows that it doesn’t arrive in your lap overnight – she’s made her journey, our journey.

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust (aka Georgina Horne)

Instagram: @fullerfigurefullerbust

If you’re worried that curvy can’t be sexy, then you’re completely misinformed. All you need to do is take a look at some of the sultry photos of this gorgeous woman and you’ll see that curvy most certainly does equal sexy. Often opting for an incredibly flattering fifties style, FullerFigure promotes sensuality and silliness in equal measure; she unashamedly poses for photos in lingerie but is honest about her body too. This lady can teach us all not to take ourselves too seriously, that acceptance comes with time and that you can be sexy – no matter what your shape or size.

Honour Curves

Instagram: @honourcurves

Honour Curves is not only her name, but her message too. Founder of #HonourMyCurves, this unbelievable woman teaches us to honour our bodies regardless of shape or size. She not only leads by example, unafraid to display her curves, but she encourages others to use her tag to promote their own body positivity. She often features other inspirational women on her Instagram, generating support, love and keeping the positivity alive within the plus size community. She manages to bring plus size women together, in a society that is trying to tear us apart.


Instagram: @yourstruelymelly

This beautiful young woman refuses to take your crap. But she isn’t aggressive, nor is she rude… she refuses to acknowledge those who fail to accept body positivity, by using her body. Her Instagram showcases many, many outfits that so many young curvy women wouldn’t dare wear – I for one have been inspired by her use of clothing to accentuate her curves, not only this, but her encouragement towards others to not be afraid of the short skirt, or the bikini, or the skimpy dress is admirable. Keep your eyes on this young lady for true fashion, for truly beautiful curvy women.

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