Fifties fashion…

The ‘Sandra Dee’

We’re all familiar with sickly sweet Sandy in the 1978 musical Grease, but what about her style? I’m not talking the post-makeover Sandy, who stomps out her cigarette as the camera pans up her lithe legs, clad in black leather-look material. No, I’m talking about her slightly less seductive clothing, it might not appeal immediately, but don’t forget that she caught the eye of Danny Zuko in her preppy clothes. So what do you need to re-create your Sandy-style?

– Pretty pastels are a must; pastel yellow, pastel blue, pastel lilac and of course, you can’t be a Pink Lady without pastel pink.
– Poodle skirts and dresses, absolutely nothing tight and figure hugging, you need to look innocent… even if you’re not.
– Plain tops teamed with a dainty cardigan, worn impractically over your shoulders with the top button done up.
– Dolly shoes with a cute pair of frilly white socks.
– Your hair must be spotless. Not a single strand is allowed to escape from your bobby pin, even if you are partying in the back seat of a car.

The ‘Rockabilly Rebel’
Feeling feisty? Then this look might be more up your street. Rockabilly is predominantly a genre of music, combining rock and roll and hill-billy, but in recent times it has thrust itself into the fashion world to create its own subculture. If the ‘Sandra-Dee’ is the ‘square’ look, then the ‘Rockabilly Rebel’ categorises the juvenile delinquents of the time: a trouble-making, desirable bunch who aren’t afraid to be a little more risqué…

-Bold colours and patterns are a statement. Leopard print, polka dots, red, purple, black, skulls, anchors. A combination of many of these demonstrate a rebellious and sexy look.
– Pencil skirts, tight jeans, tight dresses… This look requires figure hugging outfits. The more curves on show, the better, so get your cleavage out and show off those hips.
– Halter-neck tops, tight shirts, patterned t-shirts… as long is it’s bright and bold, you’ve got it down.
– High heels or biker boots. Need I say more?
– Bandanas and quiffs are a must – the higher the quiff, the better the look. Bright coloured sections of hair also go down well.

The ‘Mad (Wo)Men’

If you haven’t seen Mad Men then I suggest that you do. If not for the storyline, then for the voluptuous and sensational Christina Hendricks in the role of Joan Harris. One would require a drivers license to navigate those curves, and her figure is accentuated further by her many glorious outfits. If you want to appear seductive yet classy, then this is most definitely the look for you. Be prepared to get a few hearts racing with this one.
Much like the ‘Rockabilly Rebel’, your clothes need to be tight. But unlike the ‘Rockabilly Rebel’ you need to be slightly more demure. This is the rebels grown up sister, so pencil skirts, tight dresses and tights are a must. However, they should be slightly longer – leave a little to the imagination of your admirers.

– Suit sets: a pencil skirt and jacket can be sexy. Cinch yourself in at the waist and leave the top button undone. Be a tasteful tease.
– Shoes should be high yet graceful, show off those shapely calves of yours.
– Your hair should be exceptional, think power and sex and you’ll achieve the perfect hairstyle.

The ‘Teddy Girl’

Teddy Boys were a subculture in the 1950s, you rarely saw a Teddy Girl on the scene, but that doesn’t mean the style can’t be adapted for the ladies. They were rebellious and often owned a motorbike or two, sexy and brooding, yet often categorised as troublemakers… people steered clear of Teddy Boys. If you want to become a Teddy Girl, then be prepared to adopt a mysterious nature.

– A long, tailored jacket (in a variety of colours) is a staple Teddy Girl look. To feminise this typically male look, button the middle up to cinch in your waist.
– Turned up jeans or tailored trousers would work perfectly for this androgynous look.
– A skinny tie and waistcoat would work fantastically for the more adventurous Teddy Girl out there, if you dare to wear?
– A quiff. Short hair would work better for the, fondly nicknamed ‘Ducks Arse’ hairstyle… but that’s not to say that a similar look can’t be achieved with longer hair. Lots of gel, or hairspray is required.
– Ultimately, this is a smart look, so for your shoes, I’d suggest the Teddy Girl staple, Creepers. If you’re not that adventurous, then any other smart shoe will do. Absolutely no high heels!

The ‘Hollywood Starlet’

Most little girls dream of walking down the red carpet or being swept off of her feet… but nothing could make these scenarios better than a bit of Hollywood glamour. When one thinks of Hollywood, you can’t help but conjure up images of Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor, both of these women are the epitome of style, class, and most importantly, glamour. So how do you get their look?

– A beautiful dress. A long, off-the-shoulders beautiful dress, to be more specific.
– Elbow length gloves, nothing feels more Hollywood than plucking long gloves from your fingertips and slinking them from your hands.
-Diamonds or pearls. Ok, unless you really are Hollywood royalty, I doubt you’ll be able to afford the real deal – so fake it. No-one will know unless you tell them. If you don’t want to do jewellery… then go for some fur.
– High shoes, perfectly matched to your dress.
– Your hair must be impeccable. Styled to perfection and hair-sprayed to within an inch of its life so that it does not move.

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