#FeelGoodFebruary Day 7: Connect

Welcome to Day 7 of #FeelGoodFebruary!   CONNECT Sometimes we get caught up in our daily routine and the annoyances of life, that we tend to forget to connect with those around us and when we do, it’s only to moan about work/the weather/traffic. Try to connect with someone in a positive way today – whether … Continue reading #FeelGoodFebruary Day 7: Connect

#FeelGoodFebruary Day 6: Compliment

Welcome to Day 6 of #FeelGoodFebruary!  COMPLIMENT Try to compliment three people today. Plot twist – that compliment CANNOT be related to appearance. We spend too much time concerning ourselves with the way that we and others look and it’s rare that a genuine compliment is given that doesn’t relate to appearance. Top tip – … Continue reading #FeelGoodFebruary Day 6: Compliment

#FeelGoodFebruary Day 1: Plan

Welcome to Day 1 of #FeelGoodFebruary!  PLAN Write down what you’d like to achieve by the end of the month. These can be personal achievements, work achievements, getting the washing up done, or even the goal of completing this challenge! Top tip – fun stationary, stickers and a pin board can make this fun.