7 Plus-Size Burlesque Babes Who Will Inspire You To Love Yourself…

burlesqueBurlesque has long been a hip-swaying, shoulder-shimmying, bum-jiggling space that sparks self-love and confidence in the minds of many. It is a space that doesn’t accept hate or negativity, and encourages all manner of body diversity – in fact, burlesque is made from the confidence that it emanates. As if you needed anymore encouragement to take classes or get yourself a front seat ticket at a performance, here are 7 Plus-Size Burlesque Babes That Will Inspire You To Love Yourself.

1) Don’t believe her demure appearance, this babe is no pushover

2) This blonde bombshell showing off her sparkly side-boob 


3) This glorious lady in action shaking her tasseled toosh


4) This fuller-figured feathered beauty who needs no introduction


5) This glittering goddess who lives to tease

6) This plus-size pin-up who would give Belle a run for her money


7) And last, but by no means least – this Ice Queen who will get you hot under the collar

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