Not a half-hearted attempt…

I try, honestly I do. As with many things that I undertake, they always end up not quite right.

Every day I slick on my cat-eye eyeliner with the hope of looking like a pin up girl. And every day I find that it goes wrong. As with any other user of liquid eyeliner, you’ll understand the struggle – one eye is perfect, and after many attempts (and many wet wipes), the other eye is just about passable. I do try, but it’ll do.

I’ve been a self-confessed amateur baker for some time now. No doubt you’ll be privy to my baking successes (and failures) if you decide to frequent my blog. Although I’ve never quite had a soggy bottom – my icing is always a little wonky, those cookies are just a little crisp and, well, my flapjacks leave rather a lot to be desired.

Controlling Vinnie
Vinnie is our kitten. He’s adorable, but my god does he cause mayhem. He’s a loveable rogue, a scallywag but for the life of me I cannot bring myself to discipline him. I do try, but I can’t do it. When he looks up at me with those big, woeful eyes, I know I’ll succumb and give him a cuddle. So my other half deals with the telling offs. I do try to cuddle him afterwards, more fool me when I receive a vengeful scratch in the process.

These are some of my failings and I promise you they’re not half-hearted attempts at succeeding… So this blog (I hope) won’t be another to add to the list. I try, I promise I do.

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