7 Things You Can Do Tomorrow Morning When Today Was a Bad Day…

We’ve all woken up to a new day but felt the cloud of yesterday still lingering over us. It can take a lot to shake off a bad day, especially if we feel that we’re hindered by yesterday’s events from the moment we wake up. But, as you blearily blink sleep away from your eyes, you should know that it is possible to redeem your day and draw a line under the events from yesterday. Here are 7 Things You Can Do Tomorrow Morning When Today Was a Bad Day…

Start your day differently by waking up to a new alarm sound or changing your routine around. 

Altering your morning routine can have a cleansing effect on the rest of your day. By starting your day in the same way that you did yesterday, you will automatically associate your daily routine with something negative – so changing up the way you go about things will shed new light the everyday.

Choose three things from the day ahead that are going to challenge you: make a promise to yourself that you will not beat yourself up if you don’t achieve them.

 There are always going to be things in our schedule that will challenge us – whether it’s a meeting at work, a social activity that we’re dreading, a challenging task that we’ve been putting off, or something completely different. When yesterday was a crappy day, it’s important to acknowledge that there will be things today that will push your boundaries – but you need not let them impact your day negatively. Be prepared for these challenges but make yourself a promise that you won’t beat yourself up if you don’t achieve them.

Send a loved one a morning message – I bet the one you get back will make you smile. 

Taking the time to send a loved one a message in the morning could be the thing that starts their day with a smile. You never know what someone is truly going through and sending them a little bit of encouragement might just be the thing that they need to get them through the day. Who knows, you might just receive something back that will make you smile too.

Pick a breakfast that you love & make time to sit, eat and enjoy it.

For those on the move, breakfast is normally a quick grab-and-go meal. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with chomping on your breakfast bar on the tube, it’s not ideal for your digestive system, plus you won’t feel like you’ve enjoyed a nourishing breakfast. Why not take the time to choose, prepare and make space in your morning routine to enjoy a breakfast that you love?

Swap out your morning coffee or OJ for a pint of water.

When we’re feeling weary as we begin our day, most of us turn to coffee or OJ for a morning boost. But why don’t you try swapping your morning beverage for a pint of water? Not only will you be starting your day properly hydrated, but it’ll help to clear the morning funk from your mind.

Give your pet, your partner, your parent, your friend, your sibling, your best friend – yourself – a huge hug & tell them that you hope their day is good. And mean it. 

Giving someone a big cuddle and wishing them well is something that we rarely take the time to do. Not only will they appreciate your well-wishes, but you might just find that it’s therapeutic for you too. We don’t spend enough time looking after the people we love in our lives, take the chance to let them know that you don’t take them for granted.

Remember that you have the power to affect change in your day. A bad day today doesn’t have to determine how your day goes tomorrow. 

 Before you go to bed tonight, remember that you are in control of how your day pans out. Life will undoubtedly throw things at you that will trip you up and make you unsure of your next step – but as long as you have the necessary tools in your life to conquer these things, you’ll be able to make it through anything.

You can do this.

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